This document has moved.

You'll now find information like this in the ipld/ipld (opens new window) meta-repo, and published to the web at https://ipld.io/ .

All documentation, fixtures, specifications, and web content is now gathered into that repo. Please update your links, and direct new contributions there.


# IPLD Design History

This folder is for reference material that was part of the design history of IPLD.

Some of this material may represent works-in-progress; others have become historical. (We do not attempt to differentiate these in advance, because it's only in retrospect that it becomes clear whether an idea is going somewhere, or not!) It's called "history", but it may also be the source of innovation!

We put content here for archival reference; but also, we have defined how we organize content in this directory in such a way as to make it encourage writing things down -- even (and especially) new ideas.

One trait that's unified across files within this directory is that we treat them as (roughly) append-only. This is because we want to use them as touchpoints in discussion, and not as the discussion format itself.

Therefore, if you encounter a document in the history directory that you think needs substantial iteration and new content, the way to move forward is:

  • gather your ideas and start writing
  • prepare to create a new file
  • commit and share your notes, linking to existing content where you can.

If you don't have push access to this repository, or want to start writing and sharing even earlier iterations of thoughts, GitHub Gists are also a great way to handle this style of editing. This directory can be thought of roughly like a collection of gists; we've just gathered the ones especially relevant to the evolution of the design of IPLD.

# Specific forms of History


See the fine FAQ.